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MMTA's Music Connect Program Description for Teachers

MMTA’s Music Connect Program

Description for MMTA Teachers

MMTA believes that any child who has musical ability and interest in playing an instrument or singing deserves the opportunity to explore this talent.  The MMTA’s Music Connect Program (MCP) offers music lessons tuition-free to students who have a demonstrated financial need and will study with an MMTA member in good standing.  MMTA is thrilled to offer this program to our member teachers and their students!

To get started, an MMTA teacher must recommend a student for the MCP and inform the MMTA of the teacher’s regular tuition fee and the number of hours in the lesson program (see form below).  The student may already be enrolled in the teacher’s studio and his/her family has experienced a change in circumstances; or the student may have inquired about lessons and been identified as a worthy candidate for this program. Based on the recommendation, the MMTA will ask the student’s parent or guardian for additional information.

If the MMTA approves the application, the MMTA will pay the teacher at a rate of $50.00 per hour up to 32 lessons during a given academic year, which will be the teacher’s total tuition for the lessons supported through the MCP. The MMTA will not pay the teacher more than $1600 during any academic year for lessons for any one student. The MMTA will not have any other financial responsibility for these lessons.

The teacher will not charge any additional tuition to the student’s family for the lessons under the MCP.  The teacher and the student’s family may separately agree that the student will receive additional lessons for the teacher’s regular tuition.

The teacher will provide to the MMTA verification of lessons taught and periodic information on student progress and attendance.  The teacher will also file with MMTA’s Treasurer an IRS Form W9 to be kept on file for that calendar year in order to generate payments.

Tuition payments will be made by check at eight-week intervals and the MCP tuition benefit will be renewable for subsequent academic years with MMTA approval. 

The teacher will also provide the student with the benefits of the teacher’s studio as set forth in the course of the teacher’s regular program of instruction. The student’s parent or guardian will be responsible for studio fees outlined in the teacher’s regular studio policy, such as such as festival and competition fees, administrative fees and book costs.  The student’s parent or guardian will also be responsible for maintenance of an instrument in playable condition.

As with any student, the teacher will have the right to terminate the lessons if the teacher determines that the student’s progress or participation are not satisfactory; the teacher will notify the MMTA of any such case.

At the end of the calendar year, MMTA will issue an IRS Form 1099-MISC to the teacher.  This form will report all tuition payments made to the teacher by MMTA during that calendar year.

Sample Statement for Teachers to Provide to Their Students

In 2018, Massachusetts Music Teachers Association (MMTA) developed a program called MMTA’s Music Connect Program (MCP.)  MMTA’s MCP offers tuition-free instruction to qualified families who could not otherwise provide their children with lessons due to financial limitations. The application for this program requires that you provide financial information to ascertain whether your child qualifies.  MMTA’s MCP Chair and Committee will confidentially review each application. There are limited grants available. 

As an MMTA member in good standing, I am thrilled to offer this scholarship opportunity for any of my students or prospective students. The link below provides all the information you will need, including a detailed description of the program and the application. http://www.mmta.net/web_content.aspx?page_name=musicconnectparent


For Further Information

Please contact Alison Barr, MMTA’s Music Connect Program Chair at musicconnectprogram@mmta.net



To continue, please download the Teacher Recommendation Form.

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